Classic Party Games For Kids and Adults

Party games are a great way to help kids and adults bond and learn about one another. They can also provide surprising mental benefits, a bit like playing a video game. A number of games can be played indoors or out.

The most popular party games are usually team oriented. It’s also important to have plenty of sweets and prizes on hand.

There are several classic games that you can play for your next bash. While these games can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, they might be best suited for older kids. Some of these include charades and relay racing.

One of the more popular is the egg and spoon race. This simple game is ideal for Easter and springtime. Children must toss a ball between their legs and backwards over their heads. Another variant involves throwing a water balloon at their opponents.

Another fun game is the party hat. Each player wears a party hat. After the hat is worn, the player must then observe and take note of any interesting items they notice.

An old-school party game is the tray. In this game, a random assortment of items is arranged on a tray. For example, there could be a tennis ball, a bowl, a tennis racket, a toy airplane and a toy elephant. Once all the items are laid out, a child must then write down what they remember.

For a more interactive game, a group of children can sit in a circle and work in pairs. To make this game fun, blu-tac is a good choice.