What is Indie Culture?

Indie culture is all about getting a little more out of life. It’s about recognizing neglected things, appreciating what you love, and doing your best to make ethical business practices a part of your everyday life.

While some people think of indie culture as wearing vintage clothes and shopping thrift stores, there is more to it. Being indie is about your own voice, your own creative expression, and your own sense of style.

In the past, indie music was defined as music put out by a smaller label. In the late 1970s, UK music labels began to produce music that was more experimental and raw. This included post-punk bands like The Smiths and R.E.M.

Although the term indie was once used to describe bands on post-punk labels, today it refers to a collection of styles and genres. Popular indie-rock bands from the 90s include Neutral Milk Hotel, Beck, and Sonic Youth.

Today, indie games are usually created by individuals or small studios. They aren’t always expensive to produce. Most indie developers turn to crowdfunding to fund development costs.

Typically, a Triple-A game has a larger budget and more scope. There’s also a dedicated art team that includes concept artists, animators, texture artists, and 3D modelers.

Streaming services have flooded the market with new music. Artists are able to release music at a much faster rate than they’ve ever been able to before. Many indie musicians feel pressure to create more content in a shorter amount of time.